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Sony To Release New Hybrid MP3-CD-player Walkman?

Yes, we know that Sony’s line of portable CD players is known as the Discman and not the Walkman. But with the company announcing the retirement of the cassette-based Walkmans only a few days ago, chances are they would be looking for a new addition to the Walkman brand.. And apparently, this hybrid MP3-CD player is the addition Sony has in mind.

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You might probably be scratching your head, wondering who in the world will be using audio CDs and portable CD players in an age where MP3 audio players are all but mainstream. Which, for the most part, is probably as close one can get to a truthful depiction of how advanced technology has evolved in the past decade.

That being said, the last thing anybody would probably expect will be the announcement of a new portable CD-player. And once again, leave it to Sony to do the unthinkable: the Japanese electronics giant has seemingly pushed out a new line of hybrid audio players, the D-NE241, which are capable of playing back both MP3 files and audio CDs.

But here is the best part of it all: the company is apparently marketing them under the established Walkman brand. Which, as we all know, has recently shed off its line of portable cassette players due to the lack of sales. And lest you think we are making this up, this screenshot captured directly from Sony’s Japanese home page should quell any doubts about Sony attempting to pull a fast one on its customer.

Of course, it goes without saying that this new Walkman is targeted for a very specific group of people: those who want the convenience of being able to play MP3 files and yet cannot afford to go without very high CD-quality music while on the move. And as to how much it will cost…well, that is something which Sony will only reveal in time.

Source: Sony Japan via Akihabara News

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