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Sony to GameStop, “take unlimited PlayStation 4 pre-orders”

In a bold, daring, perhaps stupid, or perhaps not move, Sony tells GameStop to take unlimited PS4 pre-orders. Let’s see how that works out.

Sony PlayStation 4

In a bold move, Sony sent a memo to GameStop instructing the company to take “unlimited” PS4 pre-orders. The contents of the memo, acquired by GameTrailers.com, are posted below:

PS4 Reservation New Information
Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited preorders beyond your current allotments. In other-words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.

We can only wonder if Sony is making a calculated move to steal some sales away from Microsoft’s Xbox One, or if the company has genuinely managed to ramp up production well enough to be confident that it can deliver such a large number of pre-orders. Amazon has already registered a record-breaking number of pre-orders, remember? Either way, we eagerly wait to get our hands on the next-generation gaming consoles, both of which will reportedly launch in November this year.

Source: GameTrailers

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