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Sony SmartWatch 3 expected out at IFA with wireless charging, no Android Wear

Although Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and Asus seem to have understood they need to make up a united front against Apple’s looming iWatch and get with the Android Wear program, Sony continues to swim against the current, reportedly relying on a proprietary OS for its SmartWatch 3.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Don’t say Sony didn’t warn us. They did, loud and clear, back in March, right when everyone that was someone in the mobile décor hurried to trumpet their support for the fledgling Android Wear platform.

And nothing appears to have changed in the meantime, with Sony still adamant to find its own way out of the wearable jungle. But don’t turn your back on the SmartWatch 3 just yet, as credible sources tell us it’s going to have quite a few things going for it outside of the software domain.

Specifically, wireless charging support (bye-bye, cables and cords), a pretty high degree of independence, and a transflective display with superior resolution. The charging tidbit needs no further explanation, especially after seeing Motorola’s Moto 360 use a nifty wireless dock instead of conventional power solutions, so let’s focus a little on the two other scoops.

Sony SmartWatch

Before you even think it, no, Sony’s SmartWatch 3 will not come with a built-in SIM card slot. Yet it won’t be completely useless when not paired to a compatible phone, as it’ll be able to hook up to a Wi-Fi connection all by itself, courtesy of Wi-Fi Direct capabilities.

And yes, the square panel will be just as bright and clear in direct sunlight as that on the second-gen SmartWatch, all while raising the res bar beyond humble 220 x 176 pixels. What else? Oh, yeah, water and dust resistance aren’t going anywhere, and battery life is supposedly a big draw once again.

Just don’t ask us for numbers at the moment. That’s what next month’s IFA tech fair in Berlin is for. Well, that, and the introductions of Sony’s spanking new Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact handhelds. Three weeks to go, everybody.

Sources: G for Games, Digi-Wo

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