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Sony Singapore Launches New Walkman W series

Sony Walkman W series

Sony Singapore today announced the launch of their new Walkman W series (NWZ-W252) that claims to be water resistant and washable. Comes in pink, green, black and white, the Sony Walkman will be retailing at all Sony retailers at S$129.

The Sony Walkman W series (NWZ-W202) was first introduced in 2009 and about a year later, the maker has decided to come up with a new model, the NWZ-W252.

The NWZ-W252 is similar to its older silbing, featuring a wire-free and ergonomic design, and comfortable fit to users. Whether it is exercising or doing outdoor activities such as cycling or rock climbing, the new Walkman can provide convenient music playback.

According to Sony, the key feature of the new Walkman W is waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about using it under rainy weather. You can also wash any dirt on it too. However, its not water-resistant, therefore using it for swimming or diving is a no-no.

The volume control, Jog Dial for the typical playback operation. mini USB port and additional Shuffle/Shuffle All button can be found on the NWZ-W252. Comes with 2GB storage, the Walkman offers up to 11 hours of playback time with a full charge of 90 minutes.

Weighs just 43g, the Sony Walkman W series is available in pink, white, lime green and black at a retail price of S$129, which is the same as its predecessor.

Here’s a pic of a young group of hip-looking rollerbladers using the Walkman W series in their activities.

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