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Sony shows PS4 console at E3 – costs $399 and supports used games

Sony has teased over and over again their console and what it would look like. Today, they finally showed what the console will look like.


In an obvious dig at the other guys, Sony announced the console will not need to check in every 24 hours, will not need to be always online and will have support for used games. Also Sony’s Playstation Plus service will be transferrable from your PS3 to PS4 and other Sony products. Those who are members, either “starting today or signing up tomorrow”  will get access to the advantages of Instant Game Collection and can play the PS4-exclusive DriveClub on launch.


The console’s launch titles will also include the cutesy Knack, the insanely fun Infamous: Second Son,  and the dangerously cool KillZone: ShadowFall. They showed immense support for indie games including Transistor from the creators of Bastion and the disturbingly cool, OctoDad: Dangerous Catch. To add insult to injury, Sony released the following video of  “How to Share Games on PS4”

Honestly, Sony definitely won E3, at least against Microsoft, but Nintendo’s conference is up soon and a new Super Smash Bros. could be announced. Sony also announced Gaikai as a partner to stream their gaming library from the cloud. The cloud service will start in 2014 in the US and will give PS3, PS4 and eventually, Vita players access to games from Playstation’s History.

The console will be $399 in the US, 399 Euros and 349 in the UK. In comparison, Xbox One will be $499 USD. No release dates were given but we can safely assume retail availability during the year-end holiday season.

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