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Sony scores big by hiring ex-Microsoft Kinect game developer George Andreas

Besides extending the life of Microsoft's Xbox 360, the Kinect also brought a whole new dimension to gaming, but today Microsoft lost one of their key members of the Kinect game team to a bitter rival – Sony.

Sony and Microsoft have been battling it out for years when it comes to games as the Xbox took on Sony's PlayStation—for the most part, the Xbox won the battle on its home turf in the US.  In terms of global units shipped up until 2013, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are estimated to have similar numbers of units sold, with the PS3 recently topping the Xbox 360 by about 1 million units according to some recent estimates by analysts.

The arrival of the Kinect, however, added a whole new dimension to the "console wars" and helped Microsoft further cement itself as a power house in the game console business.

That isn't to say that Sony didn't have its own motion control device, but in terms of the marketplace, Sony's EyeToy has never had the same presence as the Kinect. Of course it helped that Microsoft had some good games to bundle with the Kinect. Games like Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season 2 helped to drive up people’s fondness of the motion sensing peripheral from Microsoft.

In the middle of all the Microsoft Kinect insurgence was George Andreas.  He helmed various projects at Rare that played major roles in helping the Kinect to become a popular household Xbox peripheral.

Besides working on games for the Kinect, George Andreas also worked on the Kinect hardware; so when the news came out today that he has left Microsoft to work with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in their EyeToy studio in London, you can bet there were some pretty unhappy people at Microsoft.

There is no word at this point on exactly what Andreas will be doing, but some are hoping that he will return to developing some great games like he did when he was at Rare.

via Digital Trends / Eurogamer

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