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Sony reveals PS4’s APU clock frequency runs at 8 x 1.6 GHz, 43 times more powerful than PS2

Sony has recently shed light on integral specifications on the PS4’s processor, mainly the core-speed of the console’s customized Jaguar APU.



In a recent Google+ post, Sony’s UK branch delivered an interesting bit of info on the PlayStation 4’s internal specs. According to the post, the PS4’s AMD-designed Jaguar core has a clock frequency of 8 x 1.6 GHz and is 43 times more powerful than the yesteryear PS2 console.

Up until now Sony hasn’t revealed exact figures on the console’s Jaguar core speeds, however it appears that the console can fluctuate up to 2 GHz–utilizing a good portion of the maximum 2.75 GHz clock speed.

Substance Engine

The results of a Substance Engine benchmark test suggests that each of the PS4’s cores are actually running at 2 GHz in order to maintain 14 MB/s texture generation speeds, edging higher than the Xbox One’s 12 MB/s. It’s also worth mentioning the tests were conducted on a core-by-core basis.

These results are quite interesting considering Microsoft’s recent performance boost for the Xbox One. Before the upgrade the Xbox One’s CPU ran at 1.6 GHz with the GPU at 800 MHz; afterwards the system saw respective boosts to 1.75 GHz and 853 MHz.

In any case, the PS4 leads the charge when it comes to raw figures and power, but as developers learn to harness the Xbox One’s ESRAM and take advantage of its utility, it may even out the playing field somewhat. Additionally Microsoft’s cloud-based Xbox LIVE Compute may deliver yet another performance boost by effectively easing the load on the system’s hardware.

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