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Sony releases new Shadow Fall details and Box Art


Killzone has been a fairly popular and enjoyable exclusive series for Sony and it’s good to see the franchise continue onto the next generation. Sony released new screenshots as well as a description of the campaign for the upcoming FPS.

Shadow Fall takes place only two years after the Helghast attack on Vekta and the ISA are now going to hit their enemy where it hurts. Your team has taken to Helghan and are now floating above the capital of Pyrrhus. You play as  Arran Danner, an ISA mercenary who must infiltrate the city’s Arc cannons and take on the Helghast army, while drawing attention from the ISA landing.


The game will begin with a wingsuit drop directly from an ISA ship and into the  Helghast facility. From there you choose how you approach your mission. Will you go stealthy and avoid the Helghast surveillance, or take on the Helghast enemy one by one as the ISA brings down the terrible nation? The choice is yours.


The producers of Shadow Fall have definitely wanted to make their next title something that stands out, both visually and in the gameplay department. They’ve already talked about amazing features such as the new dynamic landscape and wide open terrain for players to explore. You can now find new tactical ways to take down enemies and plan out different routes and even set traps for enemies to fall into. Also they finally released the box art for their new game, which looks like this:


The game will be released shortly after the Ps4 launch later this year.

via PlayStation Blog

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