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Sony registers ‘Ember’ trademark for a second time, may hint at PS4 release

Sony’s second trademark registration for a planned yesteryear game may point to a revamp for the PlayStation 4.

The PS Camera can be used for gesture and voice controls, as well as unique in-game content.

Ember was originally announced for the PlayStation 3’s camera peripheral–the PS Eye–quite some time ago. Ember was essentially akin to the PS4’s Game Room in that it simulates actual interaction between gamers and the digital environment, making for an entertaining and quirky experience.

Now it appears that Sony has re-registered the trademark for Ember, which could indicate a few possibilities. Perhaps Sony wants to keep the term trademarked for a later game with a similar Game Room premise (maybe a DLC or update) powered by the PS Camera.

Ember Sony Trademark

Interestingly enough, a few days ago Sony was presented with a petition for cancellation on the Ember trademark by Crunchy Games, a studio who apparently wanted to use the term for an upcoming MMO. Crunchy Games claims that since Sony hasn’t used the term Ember in over three years that they have grounds to attain it, as the studio has a genuine interest in applying the name to their in-development game.

Based on these reports–the latter of which was gleaned from a NeoGAF thread–Sony has opted to retain control over the name rather than surrender it to Crunchy Games.

Ember Sony Trademark2


That Sony didn’t relinquish the trademark to Crunchy Games points towards future plans for Ember, whether it’s an additional bit of software for the PS4’s camera peripheral or another game altogether remains to be seen.

According to the cancellation request form, Sony had until April 10, 2014 to deliver a response. Since the trademark registration was filed on March 7th, it’s safe to assume that SCEE answered in the negative and responded with their own filing to ensure Ember stayed under Sony ownership.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how Ember kindles in the upcoming months, and how it’ll take shape across the PlayStation platform.

Via NeoGAF, Junkie Monkeys

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