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Sony exec: The PS4’s upscaler is hardware-based

Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has taken to Twitter once again to reveal that the PlayStation 4’s upscaler is hardware-based.

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Shuhei Yoshida‘s high standing in the gaming industry is in no small part attributed to his jovial and genial nature, and he’s always taking time out of his busy day as an executive to answer questions poised by everyday gamers on Twitter.

Now the President of Sony Worldwide Studios reveals yet another choice bit of information on the PlayStation 4 with a very small response that has some interesting implications. According to Yoshida, the PS4’s upscaler is hardware-based:

The console’s upscaler allows easy and seamless transition from native HD resolutions to Ultra Hi-Definition. The PlayStation 4’s hardware can upscale an image in native 1080p to 4K resolution to be displayed on newer-generation television sets.

The affable exec also expressed that Sony is aware that many people have concerns over the PS4’s lack of media options. In the Ultimate FAQ, Sony mentioned that their next-gen console wouldn’t support media streaming via DLNA (that is streaming content from your computer to your console via your home network) and lacks mp3 playback–both of which are supported on the PS3.

Yoshida further mentioned that he had a discussion with the PS4 dev team, which just might lead to a future update to add in these features.

It will be interesting to see if Sony decides to do a few reversals of their own in the way of DLNA, but as far as day one launches the PS4 won’t include such functions.

Furthermore Sony has detailed the PS4’s 1.50 launch day update which adds in a variety of features like Remote Play, second screen content, and various PS Camera commands. It’s a good bet that if enough gamers clamor for mp3 playback and DLNA that Sony will make it happen, but nothing has been confirmed thus far.

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console hits the market on Nov. 15 in North American and Nov. 29 in Europe for a price point of $399. For more information be sure to check our recent coverage or visit the official PS4 website.

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