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Sony might launch a Windows Phone device this year

Microsoft is allegedly in talks with Sony in getting the manufacturer to launch a Windows Phone handset later this year.

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Microsoft has not managed to acquire as much market share as it would’ve liked with the Windows Phone platform. Although manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Huawei pledged interested in the platform and launched a few handsets, interest in Windows Phone is waning, and there is one manufacturer that is constantly churning out Windows Phone handsets: Nokia.

The reason most manufacturers are giving the ecosystem a wide berth is the fact that nine out of ten
Windows Phone sales come from Nokia. Granted, there have not been any new devices from Samsung or HTC in a while, and what few handsets were launched, like the Ativ S Neo from Samsung, failed to attract any consumer attention.

For 2014, however, it looks like Microsoft is trying to reinvigorate manufacturer interest as sources revealed that officials from Redmond are conducting talks with Sony in launching a Windows Phone handset later this year. It has been alleged that a device would launch sometime in the second quarter of 2014.

Ever since Sony broke off its alliance with Ericsson and started creating mobiles in-house, it has been hard at work in finding the ideal mix of hardware and software elements, the culmination of which is the Xperia Z1. Like Microsoft, Sony is trying to bring its different product offerings together, and has started offering PlayStation games on its mobile handsets. As it already makes a notebooks running Windows under the VAIO moniker, it could launch a Windows Phone handset under the same brand.

Microsoft is also said to be courting ZTE in a bid to get more Windows Phone handsets out in the market. It is also said to be in talks with various Indian manufacturers, like Micromax and Xolo over launching Windows Phone handsets. One significant roadblock for most manufacturers when making a Windows Phone device is the licensing fees, and it looks like Microsoft is considering removing the licencing fees and offer the Windows Phone platform for free, similar to what Google does with Android.

Source: The Information

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