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Sony launches VAIO Spring Collection in Singapore

Sony VAIO Spring Launch

This afternoon, Sony held a VAIO Spring launch in Singapore, showcasing their latest VAIO notebook PCs – VAIO E, VAIO W, VAIO S, VAIO F and the new flagship VAIO Z series.

Takeo Kobayashi, Managing Director of Sony Singapore, gave an opening speech at the Sony event. “In the years of developing advanced mobile PC, VAIO has always strived to provide the best features for our users. The new Sony VAIO notebook PCs aim to appeal to busy professionals, fashionistas to students who want the latest in technologies.”

The Sony VAIO W series are designed with eco-friendly features, wireless WAN connectivity and longer battery life. And yes, they come in white, pink, brown and blue.

The multimedia flagship 16.4-inch Full HD VAIO F is equipped with Intel Core i7 quad core processor, with Blu-ray disc playback. It has a full-size keyboard with numeric pad on the right.

Equipped with Intel Core i5 CPU, the VAIO S sports a stylish exterior and claims to offer a balance between performance and mobility for the users. The 13.3-inch machine features NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU (512MB VRAM) that lets users enjoy smooth videos and graphics.

The VAIO Z is Sony’s new flagship mobile PC which has backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor.

The keyboard buttons are very widely spaced compared to most laptops with similar chiclet-style. At the top is a Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System button which allows you to conserve battery life by autmoatically selecting external graphics when graphics performance is required for viewing videos or gaming.

The VAIO Z comes with quad 64GB SSD drives, running in RAID 0. According to their 1GB data copy speed comparison, the VAIO Z performs a lot faster than conventional hard disk. However, if one of the SSD drive fails, all the rest of the data could be lost too. While the manufacturer did not release the pricing for the VAIO Z with quad SSD drives, we estimated the price to be at least S$5,000.

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