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Sony launches the VAIO 11 Pro, VAIO 13 Pro Ultrabooks and VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid

Sony VAIO Duo 13

At COMPUTEX 2013, Sony announced their new Ultrabooks and Hybrid laptops. Introducing the VAIO 11 Pro, the VAIO 13 Pro Ultrabooks and the Hybrid VAIO Duo 13.

Sony VAIO 11 and VAIO 13 Pro

The  VAIO 11 and VAIO 13 Ultrabooks by Sony aim to replace the well established VAIO Z series from 2012. Both laptops are incredibly light, tipping the scales at just 1.92 and 2.34 lbs only, making these two of the lightest Ultrabooks around. Much like the VAIO Z series, the body is made of carbon fiber casing (giving it durability while being light at the same time) and packs an aluminium palm rest as well. The display on both Ultrabooks are 1080p resolution and come with Sony’s newest Triluminos color technology.

Battery packs for both models promise to extend battery life to about 14 hours on the VAIO 11 and 13 hours on the VAIO 13, effectively doubling the integrated battery capacity. Of course, these new models are subject to the usual yearly hardware upgrades. We fully expect to find Intel’s latest Haswell processors ticking away at the heart of these new lean machines. The VAIO 13 display panel integrates a touchscreen as well, while the VAIO 11 may or may not include it.

The base model of the VAIO 11 and VAIO 13 Pro Ultrabooks will cost $1150 and $1250 respectively. Both laptops come in two flavors, Carbon Black and Carbon Silver. Sony’s new Ultrabooks will go on sale starting 9th June.

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Hybrid

Alongside two new Ultrabooks, Sony also launched the successor to its ambitions VAIO Duo 11 hybrid Ultrabook/tablet. Say hello to the slightly larger VAIO Duo 13. Packing an updated “Surf Slider” design (check out the gallery to see it in action), the Duo 13 is almost the same size as the Duo 11 thanks to its thin bezels. The hybrid weighs in at 2.93 lbs and is also made of the same carbon fiber as the two Ultrabooks announced today.

The Duo 13 has a powerful 8 MP Exmor RS camera at the back, which Sony claims can act as a scanner using the pre-installed CamScanner app.  Also included is NFC, which isn’t a big surprise as Sony is openly pursuing to popularize this technology. You can fit the Duo 13 with SSDs and processors all the way up to Core i7 models, all based on Intel’s Haswell microarchitecture of course. The VAIO Duo 13 base model will be available in Carbon Black and Carbon White for $1400.

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