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Sony to launch a ‘Lego The Hobbit’ bundle for $269 in North America

Sony is trying to eke out a few more PlayStation 3 sales by launching a Lego The Hobbit bundle later this year.

Lego The Hobbit

Sony announced that it will launch a Lego The Hobbit PlayStation 3 bundle in North America for $269. The game itself is launching April 8 in North America and April 11 in other territories. It will be available on 3DS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The game is based on Peter Jackson’s first two Hobbit movies. Leaked gameplay mechanics indicate that all 13 dwarves in the game will be individually playable, and users also have the ability to combine dwarf movements during battle scenarios. TT Games’ executive producer Nick Ricks mentioned in an interview that the way the band of dwarves collaborated in the movies led to the decision to bring this feature to the game. “We thought that was a really important, emotional moment throughout all the films which we naturally wanted to capture. The fact they they do combine and work together seemed fit for the idea of Lego play. You combine bricks, you build things together. They seemed like a natural fit.”

For $269, users get the Lego The Hobbit game, a 500 GB PlayStation 3 console and the usual add-ons. Sony hasn’t confirmed whether the console bundle will be available in other regions. What’s interesting is that the third Hobbit movie is set to debut this December. It isn’t known whether there will be a new game based on the final movie, or whether it will be available as a DLC. It remains to be seen as to how Sony bundles the game. Microsoft faced a lot of criticism earlier this week after announcing that its Xbox One Titanfall bundle would include a downloadable version of the game that required a 40 GB download.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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