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Xperia Play

Sony just killed PlayStation Mobile for Android

Sony has announced that they will no longer support, or work on additional features for their PlayStation Mobile platform for Android.

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In a press release on its official Japanese website (translated):

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., since I ended on Android ™ OS version 4.4.2, support for PlayStation ™ Certified devices that support PlayStation®Mobile to (PSM), I will inform you. There is a possibility that the content may not work correctly with devices that have been updated to Android ™ OS version 4.4.3 or later. For more information FAQ site refer to. We apologize for any inconvenience to everyone for your use, but a thank you for your understanding.

In other words, PlayStation Mobile is not expected to work optimally after Android 4.4.2 as the company is moving on to focus its efforts on other PlayStation Mobile devices i.e. the PS Vita, and PS Vita TV.

Sony launched the PlayStation Mobile program in 2011 to promote indie game development on ‘PlayStation Certified’ Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the struggling PS Vita. Over a hundred titles were released through this platform, including notable hits such as Rymdkapsel, Feed Me Oil, and Super Crate Box.

Xperia Play

Xperia Play was the first PlayStation Certified smartphone.

Sony has not yet publicly given any reason why they are stopping support for the platform, but it is obvious that it is due to sheer lack of interest from mobile gamers. Most if not all good games on Sony’s platform are available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, after all.

Source: The Verge

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