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Sony introduces their first BRAVIA Full High Definition 3D TV

(Singapore, 23rd February 2010) – Sony Singapore debuts its first ever Full HD 3D TV BRAVIA for the home with the LX900 Series. Featuring 3D integrated technology, Motionflow PRO 200Hz, LED Backlight technology and built-in Wi-Fi access, the BRAVIA LX900 provides the next generation of home entertainment, perfect for uncompromising AV enthusiasts.

Revolutionary 3D Integrated Technology
The BRAVIA LX900 is powered by Sony’s revolutionary 3D Integrated technology which combines a 3D Sync Transmitter, frame-sequential display and high frame rate Motionflow 200Hz technology at a specific signal processing speed to reproduce Full HD resolution 3D images. To ensure users fully enjoy 3D viewing on the BRAVIA LX900, the 3D TV also comes bundled with two sets of active shutter glasses that are synchronized with the images shown on the display. Additional active shutter glasses can be purchased separately.

Premium Monolithic Design
Complementing the BRAVIA LX900’s high performance display features is its sleek premium Monolithic design. The BRAVIA LX900’s screen flows seamlessly into its bezel in a frameless design, offering viewers an engaging new cinematic experience, in addition to being a conversation piece in any living space.

BRAVIA Internet Video & BRAVIA Widgets with Wi-Fi Connectivity
Apart from being a revolutionary 3D TV, the BRAVIA LX900 is also capable of high performance as a regular Full HD LCD TV with value-added features. The BRAVIA LX900 offers hours of endless entertainment to users with the BRAVIA Internet Video & BRAVIA Internet Widgets features.

Intelligent Energy-saving Features
Keeping the environment in mind, Sony has equipped the BRAVIA LX900 with energy-saving features such as the Intelligent Presence Sensor and Light Sensor. The Intelligent Presence Sensor switches the TV to Picture Off Mode when it cannot detect faces within a certain range of the TV. The Light Sensor can automatically adjust the picture brightness according to the amount of light available in the viewing environment, thus lowering power consumption when the TV is switched on in a dimly lit room. Additionally, the BRAVIA features several Eco Settings including the Energy Saving Switch and Edge-lit LED backlight technology that helps to reduce power consumption while improving upon backlight performance as compared with conventional CCFL backlight TVs.
The new 3D BRAVIA LX900 will be available in Singapore in Summer 2010.

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