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Sony Ericsson and SingTel introduce PlayNow plus

Sony Ericsson and SingTel announced PlayNow plus

SingTel and Sony Ericsson have announced the exclusive launch of PlayNow plus music service on the new Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman phone. SingTel customers can enjoy free 12-month data bundle including unlimited data downloads for the first month.

Sony Ericsson and SingTel today announced the exclusive launch of PlayNow plus, an all-you-can-download music service, on the new W705 Walkman phone.

Jack Tan, General Manager of Sony Ericsson Singapore; Lee-Hom Wang, American singer-songwriter and actor; and Shane Da Silva, Vice President, Consumer Sales for SingTel (above picture) were present to officiate the launch.

The PlayNow plus service is currently available only on the new W705 Walkman phone. Users who buy a W705, SingTel is offering an additional free 12-month data bundle as part of their SingTel Mobile voice plan, without having to sign up for a new plan. Customers can also enjoy unlimited downloads for the first month – as many songs as they like. (The free data bundle of 200MB is equivalent to about 200 songs download every month).

The W705 can store up to 3,900 songs (eAAC+ encoded), and there are already 1,000 local and international songs preloaded on the phone. You can also download the songs via a PC client software bundled with the phone. But that does not mean you can do a direct transfer to and from the PC to the phone, at least not like that. For transfer, a download link will be sent to the phone instead, which can be a slight hassle.

Price Plan 


 Monthly Subscription


 FREE monthly data bundlewith unlimited data for the 1st month


 Price of W705


 iOne Plus








 iTwo Value








 iTwo Plus







   ^Free data bundle for 12 months

You can check out playnowplus.sg for more information on the PlayNow plus service.

There are some things to note about the PlayNow plus though. After the one-year subscription period, users can only keep up to 200 songs on their W705 and these are the ones that are most frequently played on the phone. (No, you simply can’t choose what you want). On top of that, the songs are DRM-protected.


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