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Sony dominates Japan’s 4K TV market

Sony is currently the leading tech company in Japan’s 4K HD TV market, according to a sales report conducted by BCN.


Sony is now the leading 4K TV manufacturer, at least in Japan. BCN, a Japanese polling company and consultancy which specializes in computer and consumer electronics market research and analysis, has recently reported Sony has captured 64.9 percent of the 4K TV market share in-country.

The data used for the analysis report was the approximate sales numbers of 4K TVs within the country for the first half of the year 2014. The report indicated that at least 22 percent of all purchased HD TVs 50-inch and larger were at least 4K HD TVs, most of which were Sony Bravia TVs. The percentage is actually almost triple the amount that it had last 2013, which was only 7.8 percent, clearly showing a slow, but exponential growth of interest in 4K HD TV in Japan.

Other major 4K TV manufacturers shown in the report were Toshiba (14 percent), Sharp (11.6 percent), Panasonic (9.3 percent), and LG Electronics (0.2 percent).

One of the suggested reasons for Sony’s huge sales share in Japan’s 4K HD market is the introduction of its propriety 4K HD upscaling technologies, particularly the X-Reality PRO upscaling technology of Bravia 4K HD TVs. However, it can also be noted that Sony in particular is currently on a wide scale campaign to promote 4K HD, as shown by their support for Channel 4K, as well as the current project to capture the FIFA World Cup 2014 in 4K HD.

Source: My Navi (JP)

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