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Sony claims upcoming PSP2 is more powerful than PS3

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According to trade site MCV, Sony has reportedly been telling game developers that the upcoming PSP2 will be as powerful, or better, than a PS3. According to publishers, the PSP2 will be announced at the next E3.

Sony has been going around telling game developers that its upcoming second-generation handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2) will be more powerful than its best-selling gaming and entertainment console – the PlayStation 3 (PS3).
This is congruent against Kotaku’s report, that the PSP2 may be able to rival consoles in gaming horsepower. Upon hearing of the possibility, EA’s CEO John Ricitiello said that “having something as powerful as a PS3 in your pocket is a pretty compelling idea”.
While digital downloads make up a large portion of the PSP2’s game library, physical media will also be used, so that its games can be sold in retail stores. Good news for those who don’t feel secure about buying online.
Just bear in mind though, whilst Sony are making such claims, the PSP2 cannot and won’t be actually more powerful than a PS3, without needing to run off a mobile generator, or AC source, and doing away with forced air intake.
On a smaller scale it should actually be like the PS3; just like how the original PSP did perform quite like the PS2, although in the real world, its processing prowess were nowhere near the PS2’s.
Source: Kotaku, Gizmodo

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