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Sony Celebrates PlayStation 15th Anniversary

Sony PlayStation 15th anniversary

The Sony PlayStation was launched on 9 September 1995 in North America, which means that yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the popular Japanese game console. Sony has created a page for the celebration. Well, happy 15th birthday Sony Playstation!

Sony has created a page to celebrate their PlayStation 15th anniversary – http://us.playstation.com/go/15thanniversary/ . You can click on the the various dots on the timeline to find out more about the console history.

The first original PlayStation console came about on 9th September in 1995 and it has been very popular for many years. The PlayStation 2 was launched in October 2000 and a month earlier, the maker has also announced the PS One, a compact version of the first PlayStation.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was launched in 2005, while the following year, Sony launched the PlayStation 3. Last year, the manufacturer introduced the PSP Go with sliding display and 16GB storage. And 2010 is the year for the Sony PlayStation Move motion controller.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) recently held an event in Singapore last month, announcing the launch date of the PlayStation Move, which is 15 September. We can roughly guessed the launch day was chosen because it is also the same number as the PlayStation anniversary this year – 15.

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