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Sony builds the hype with new PS4 launch trailer

Sony has released a new PS4 trailer that combines dazzling footage from an array of upcoming games with the console’s sleek trapezoidal form.

PS4 controller

The launch reel showcases a smattering of PlayStation 4 titles, from the unique and original industrial-age The Order: 1886 to SuckerPunch’s power-packed action in Infamous: Second Son, the footage encapsulates a gleeful representation that will get any PS fan hyped up.

All the greats make an appearance; you’ve got Killzone Shadow Falls sci-fi flair, Drive Club‘s realistic heart-pounding skidding, The Witcher 3s legendary magic, with a multitude of cross-overs that compose the clip’s three-minute run.

We also get a look at upcoming titles that haven’t seen much time in the limelight, and there are probably a few tidbits and pieces to a grander PlayStation puzzle yet to be discovered.

Every scene blends exceedingly well with the next, providing seamless and fluid transitions that make the trailer more of a spectacle than your average sizzle reel. Halfway through viewers are taken inside the virtual innards of a PS4 console, whose internal guts are blown apart in a rather eye-catching display.

Coupled with the games that highlight the console’s capabilities, the footage explores new angles of the PS4 in a sleek and streamlined performance that befits a new era of console gaming.


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