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Sony announces prices of its Windows 8 lineup of products

Sony has stumbled along the way in the realm of pushing out competitive tech products, but the Japanese tech giant has never shied away from trying to become the first to step forward to make an announcement regarding what it has in store.

Windows 8 is due to appear on pre-assembled gadgets and as standalone products in about a month, but as the industry tries to gauge in on its competitors, Sony has stepped forward to announce the pricings of upcoming Windows 8-powered toys. 

The Sony Duo 11 slider PC and Tap 20 all-in-one will make their debuts alongside or shortly after the launch of Windows 8.  As far as pricings and availability are concerned, the Duo 11 and Tap 20 will make their entry into the world of Windows 8 as premium name brand products. 

Sony’s Duo 11 will run consumers about $1,930, while the Tap 20 will range from $1,800 to $2,310 depending on the configurations (1.8GHz Core i3-3217U vs 1. Core i5-3317U).

(Sony's Vaio L Series desktop)

Other notable touchscreen enhanced Sony products that will also make their debuts include the T Series 13 laptop (Core i5-3317U, ¥130,000), Vaio E Series 14P (Core i5-3210M, ¥150,000), Vaio L Series (Core i7-3630QM, ¥210,000 to ¥240,000).

The pricings of the above mentioned Sony products are specific to the Japanese market.

Source: engadget

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