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Sony announces new VAIO Z Series notebook for mobile professionals

However, the biggest draw of the new VAIO Z Series notebook has got to be the new Power Media Dock, which is a docking station that looks deceptively simple, but packs a whole dose of ingenuity under its slim body. This is because the Power Media Dock is more than just a typical docking station; it also features a Blu-Ray drive and more importantly, a Radeon HD 6650M mobile GPU for providing the notebook with a graphics boost via the new Light Peak interface.

When connected, the VAIO Z will automatically switch over from the built-in Intel HD Graphics to the HD6650M, but herein lies the catch: the docking station cannot be used when the notebook is operating off battery power, as it needs to be powered directly from the notebook's power brick. But if it is of any consolation, the Power Media Dock features a wide variety of I/O ports, as shown below:

The Power Media Dock utilizes a proprietary connector which resembles a typical power jack and a USB connector merged together in a single package, as shown below. And yes, it utilizes optical cables, not copper wires.

Last but definitely not least, Sony has also announced that the new VAIO Z Series notebook will be capable of delivering up to 6.5 hours of uptime from continous usage on a single battery charge, although users can attach an optional Sheet Battery to the bottom of the notebook for added juice. According to the company, the Sheet Battery is capable of extending the total battery uptime on the VAIO Z Series notebook to 13 hours, and can be attached directly to the notebook without the need to remove the internal battery first.

Sony did not reveal any information about the new VAIO Z Series notebook's pricing, although it did mention that the device will be available for sale at all Sony authorised retailers from end July this year.

That being said, Sony was also kind enough to showcase their new S1 and S2 tablet devices at today's media event. If you have always wondered how those new tablets look like, here is your chance to feast your eyes on them in all their glory:

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