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Sony adds PayPal support to PlayStation Store on PS3

Sony has announced that PlayStation 3 users can now add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallet using PayPal.


The ability to add funds via PayPal to a user’s Sony Entertainment Network wallet has been possible via the web since January, and the move to add support to the console itself is part of Sony’s “ongoing effort to offer more choice and convenience.” PayPal support was also extended to mobile devices recently, so we should see the upcoming PlayStation 4 have full support as well.

Adding funds through PayPal can be done via the “Add Funds” screen on the PlayStation Store on the PS3, with supported amounts ranging from $5 to $150. Sony doesn’t mention if PayPal support is exclusive to a particular region, as was the case when web support was added early this year, but I guess it won’t be long before that bit of info will come to light.

Source: Sony

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