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Sony Adds Glamour Touch to Three VAIO series


Sony has introduced new special edition models and luxurious colours and skins to their VAIO P, VAIO CS, and VAIO Z series notebook PCs for the fashion-conscious mobile professionals.

(Singapore, 23th June 2009) – Sony Singapore steps up the glamour factor in three VAIO series, VAIO P, VAIO CS, and VAIO Z series. Introducing special edition models and new luxurious colours and skins, the new VAIO models are made delectable to look at and perfect to work with on the go. Apart from good looks, the latest generation of VAIO Z also sports new Solid State Drive performance, making it the smoothest business professionals’ companion.

VAIO CS: Special Edition Crocodile Series
Taking posh design to the next level, the VAIO CS series is now available in Special Edition Crocodile Series for the new VAIO CS36 models. Available in brown and pink, the top panel of this model is inspired by real crocodile skin and exudes a premium leathery feel. Adding to the royal treatment, all crocodile skin VAIO CS models will have a gold VAIO logo mounted onto it accompanied with gold trimmings.

VAIO Z series: The Business Professional’s Choice
Boasting improvements both in form and function, the new VAIO Z series has a lot to offer. The VAIO Z46 features Special Edition – Shadow Border pattern painting on the cover panel, differentiating instantly the quality VAIO design.
Performance is also enhanced on the new VAIO Z48 which now comes with a Solid State Drive (SSD) with capacity of 256 (128GB x 2 ) RAID O. The higher read/write speed access available with the SSD RAID O allows smooth processing of data, and is 5 times faster compared to the usual Hard Disk Drive (HDD). In addition, users can enjoy lower power consumption with the SSD, as it does not require a motor to spin the disc. Interestingly, the SSD is also lighter than the HDD of the same capacity, enabling users to bring their VAIO Z around more easily. Best of all, the SSD makes the VAIO Z more durable as it has a higher ability to endure extreme shock since there is no motor, magnetic head, or disc for the SSD. This reduces the chance of failure including the loss of data caused by damaging the moving parts, giving users that much-needed peace of mind at work.

VAIO P Series: Adding Lush Style to Mobile Computing
Adding lush style to mobile computing, the 8-inch full-featured Pocket Style PC returns in luxurious gold colour with the new VAIO P25 model. Fit for a queen, the keyboard colour has been changed to dark brown (except for the white model) to bring across its deluxe design. Taking after the VAIO P’s original colour schemes, the new VAIO P23 is available in black, white, and red and features Microsoft Windows XP as its operating system.
The new luxurious VAIO range is now available at all Sony authorised retailers.

Suggested retail prices for the VAIO range:

VAIO CS Series VGN-CS36GJ – S$2,399
VAIO Z Series VGN-Z48GD/X (Carbon Black) – S$4,499
VAIO Z Series VGN-Z46GD/U (Shadow Border) – S$3,299
VAIO Z Series VGN-Z46GD/B (Black) – S$3,199
VAIO P Series VGN-P25G – S$1,799
VAIO P Series VGN-P23GH – S$1,299

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