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Sonic The Hedgehog To Make Another iPhone Appearance

If Angry Birds are not enough to keep yourself entertained while being stuck on the bus or train during the rush hour, perhaps Sega may have a suitable alternative in store. Sure, it is probably no where near as immersive as Angry Birds, but the idea of assisting the popular blue hedgehog in his own game will still appeal to many who grew up with one of the world’s most iconic game mascots.

When it comes to popular gaming mascots, the popular blue hedgehog known as Sonic is probably one of the most recognizable characters which gamers either love or love to hate. In fact, so great is his fame that even after the death of Sega’s console business, the blue hedgehog and his ever-growing list of allies still continue to find spots in the game lineups of various other consoles.

And while the blue hedgehog had already made his iOS debut early last year with a port of his first Genesis game, the latest news we have heard is sure to set retro gamers raring to download the latest Sonic game for Apple’s portable devices. Sonic 4 Episode 1, the latest installment of the Sonic franchise, has been confirmed to be receiving an iOS port, and is slated to hit the iTunes store on October 7.

However, there have been some questions floating around regarding the latest Sonic port for iOS. For one, there has been little to no information released about the developers who will be working on the iOS port. And more importantly, no details about any iOS-exclusive features have been announced, such as Retina Display graphics, or even if it is available for iPads in the first place.

Still, for many it seems that such questions can probably wait for now. At the very least, the mere mention of Sonic getting an iOS port of his latest, upcoming game should be more than enough to get most retro gamers and Sonic fans all geared up for its release. Anyone up for a chaos emerald special stage?

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