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Soluto study shows that majority of Windows 8 users pretend Metro doesn’t exist

According to a study by Soluto, people with Windows 8 devices rarely launch Metro applications. While true of desktop computers, the percentage of Metro apps launched per day was also surprisingly low for Windows 8 tablets.

Metro – or what was formerly codenamed Metro, and never given an official name – has been the bane of Windows computers since the creation of Windows 8. Confusing and out of place to lay users, annoying to enthusiasts, and infuriating to industry professionals, it has probably been talked about more and used much less than any other Windows user interface.

PC management service Soluto, which discovered in recent times that the best Windows laptop was a Mac, has released the results of a study performed on 10,848 Windows 8 devices, which reveals that 61% of Desktop PC users open a Metro app less than once a day. The same was true for 60% of laptop users.

Oddly, the Metro usage on tablet devices did not increase significantly, and 44% opened a Metro app less than once a day. In total, the average tablet owner launched a Metro app 2.71 times per day, which is certainly a very surprising statistic given that the only alternative to Metro is Microsoft's classic Desktop, which has been disguised as an application in Windows 8 RT. On a device that uses fingers as its primary form of input, Desktop is a rather cumbersome choice in comparison to the big tiles and finger friendly choices of Metro apps.

Times per day that Windows 8 users launched Metro apps

Microsoft clearly wants people to use Metro, infamously designing Windows 8 to boot into the Metro screen by default, and defying more than a decade of well-established Windows custom. These statistics demonstrate that Microsoft's wishes are irrelevant to the preferences of its customer base.

According to The Verge, Windows 8.1 will include a “boot to desktop” option for disgruntled users who would rather bypass Metro and forget that it exists, but it seems that many are already using Windows 8 as if it didn’t.

Source: Soluto via The Register

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