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Soltek QBIC Mania EQ3901-300PW Review

The QBIC has quite a typical SFF Layout with the IDE, SATA, FDD and Front Panel connectors towards the front. Power Supply located towards the back with the heatsink/socket hidden underneath. Lastly, The AGP and PCI slots can we see towards the left side of the case.

The QBIC has the AGP slot on the leftmost side of the barebones, which eliminates the ability to use a graphics card which has a two slot cooler. Towards the top we see the Wireless network card which is connected via the USB header toward the front of the mainboard.

On the opposite side of the case we can see the ATX, 4-Pin power connector and Icy-Q Blower. The Icy-Q Blower conceals the memory slots located between the blower and the CPU socket.

Behind the blower lies the memory slots. Upon assembling the QBIC Mania we noticed the small clearance between the memory slots and drive cage. The standard sized DIMMs we used fit flawlessly. Sadly, taller memory modules like Corsair’s PRO and XPERT series will not fit. Perhaps future revisions of the QBIC line may remedy this situation.

The included 300w power supply is quite impressive. It was powerful enough to keep a high-end graphics cards(like the Radeon X800 Pro we used while testing) running without a hiccup.

The provided heatsink is a copper cored aluminum sink which is mounted in Soltek’s custom bracket using the Pentium4 (Socket 478) style clips. An added bonus of Soltek including this bracket allows for the use of both aftermarket Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 heatsinks.

The mainboard’s I/O panel features: PS/2, two serial, four USB 2.0, one FireWire and
multiple audio connections.

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