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SOE president confirms ‘Everquest Next’ for PS4, ‘Planetside 2’ coming first half of 2014

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley has recently confirmed that the PS4’s MMO catalog will be expanding with the upcoming fantasy MMO Everquest Next–and also gave a target window for Planetside 2 on PS4.

Everquest  Next
With Everquest Next, SOE aims to revitalize the definitive fantasy series and market it to Sony’s PS4 as well as PC.

SOE President John Smedley shared a medley of choice tidbits during a recent Reddit AMA session held Friday night, including a few revelations on upcoming MMO projects for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console.

Juicy–and sometimes controversial–news usually accompanies AMA Reddit sessions with devs and key industry figures, and Smedley’s public Q&A was no different.


First the Sony Online Entertainment boss revealed that the PS4’s free-to-play MMO offering will be expanding even further with Everquest Next, an expansive MMORPG built from the classic series.

Reddit AMA1


Planetside 2 features an intense array of tactical MMO warfare, with distinct sci-fi elements as well as FPS mechanics and wide-scale battles.

The second tidbit regards the highly anticipated release of the sci-fi MMO Planetside 2, which was announced to be included on Sony’s next-gen system months ago. Smedley gives a brief highlight on the team’s progress as well as a target window for the game’s release.

“First half of the year is what we’re shooting for,” Smedley affirmed in response to the query of Planetside 2’s launch on PS4. “It’s taking time to do this right but it’s coming along great.”

The SOE president also delivers a few other interesting answers, responding to queries about the overall featured content for Everquest Next as some players are worried about the “theme park” elements that fill many MMO’s.

“It’s hard to say until I’ve played through EQN content,” Smedley said in response to a question on EQN‘s planned game content. “The answer is we do hope to have a serious amount of content in there, not just the sandbox elements. I hate the word theme park.”

Everquest Next

Another query focused on a frequently-asked subject that never really gets answered–how soon can SOE users use PayPal to purchase memberships? Many gamers aren’t comfortable with having their sensitive credit card info on file on Sony’s infamously hackable servers, and would prefer PayPal instead.

Smedley assures gamers that this option will be indeed be offered “fairly soonish”.

The pricing scale of microtransactions is always something that can make or break any free-to-play game. One gamer poised the following: does Planetside 2‘s pricing reflect the planned microtransaction value of EQN?

“No. We do our best to try to price things fairly,” Smedley answered, revealing that every game will have its own “balanced” scale.

“We’re still looking at Planetside 2 pricing and evaluating if we want to move some things lower. Every game has it’s own monetization requirements. We’ll look at that in EQNL and let the community have their say before we finalize it.”

Both titles will be welcome to the PlayStation 4’s expanding MMO catalog, offering a variety of options for gamers to choose from. As of now the console has a limited choice of free-to-play titles including Warframe, DC Universe Online, and Blacklight Retribution.

Additionally PS4 owners will have even more MMO’s with premium options like Final Fantasy XIV in April, along with Elder Scrolls Online in June and Bungie’s ambitious FPS/RPG hybrid Destiny in September.

It will be interesting to see how Sony Online Entertainment molds and shapes the upcoming fantasy world of Everquest Next, as many gamers will no-doubt give it a whirl once it’s released. One of the best things about these free-to-play PS4 games is that you don’t have to have a PlayStation Plus membership to play them–but there are some drawbacks to F2P including the “pay to win” monetization incentives.

Be sure to hop on over to John Smedley’s full Reddit AMA for all the details and answers, and check out Sony Online Entertainment’s website for more on Everquest Next and Planetside 2.

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