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Socket burn issue to haunt LGA1155?

Last year, burnt pins on Intel’s LGA1156 sockets pointed to a design defect with components from a certain company; namely Foxconn.

Users with Lotes or Tyco sockets did not have any issues.
This time round, credible reports of Intel’s new LGA1155 socket experiencing the same issue have surfaced.

It’s back – the pin-burn issue on early LGA1156 sockets is now found on LGA1155 sockets. Enthusiasts may recall the issue of pins burning up on their LGA1156 results, as a result of overclocking with greatly increased CPU voltages.

The culprit was found to be electrical arcing between the contact pins on the socket, and the socket itself. The electrical arcs were physically tiny; but caused huge problems. 
The arcing caused pins on the motherboard to burn out, thus destroying the board as well as the CPU. The issue was a design defect with sockets made by electronics giant Foxconn.
Back then, LGA1156 users with sockets made by Lotes or Tyco, two competing electronics companies, faced no such issue. Fast forward to today, and credible reports have surfaced that the new Socket LGA 1155 may face the same issue.
LGA1156 and the newer LGA1155 architecture share similarities in terms of retention clips, chip package as well as physical pin layout. However, the pin mapping differs greatly between the two sockets.
A hardware reviewer at TechReaction.net found out that samples of the Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 and GA-P67A-UD7 showed signs of socket burn similar to the LGA1156 one.

The reviewer has queried Gigabyte on the issue, but has yet to receive a reply.

Although it was mentioned that such issues only arise as a result of overclocking under extreme voltages, those running moderate-yet-stable overclocked computers 24/7 may face this issue as well.


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