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Social security numbers stolen from South Carolina database

The state department of revenue in South Carolina has just been subjected to a major security breach, and as a result, millions of social security numbers have been lifted.

If you're reading this from South Carolina, thre is a chance that somebody has snagged your social security number. It has just been released that a massive security, breached on October 10, allowed an overseas computer criminal to break into the South Carolina department of revenue's database and steal upwards of 3.6 million social security numbers. For comparison, the state's population is about 4.7 million.

South Carolina department of revenue director James Etter, who learned of the breach on October 10

The governor has promised that the state is taking whatever steps it can to prevent something like this from happening again. Two days after the breach, the state hired Mandiant, an outside consultant, in order to help investigate the issue. Mandiant found that the break in had occurred in mid September and on October 20th, the security gap which allowed the criminal access to the database, was finally closed.

In addition to the social security numbers, 387,000 credit card numbers were taken, too; though supposedly only 16,000 were unencrypted.

Citizens who have filed taxes in South Carolina since 1998, even those who have subsequently moved out of state, are urged to call (866) 578-5422 to enroll in a consumer protection service and visit http://protectmyid.com/scdor. The state is offering a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection.

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