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Snowden trained as a hacker with NSA

According to a report, whistleblower Edward Snowden learned how to be a hacker during a course he took while working with the NSA in 2010.


Back in 2010, while working for the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden took a security course that helped teach him how to think like a hacker, something he later. The course aimed to help teach hacking techniques and ultimately turn out “certified ethical hackers”.  Ethical may be the key word here, because it is apparently these techniques that helped Snowden get undetected into the NSA computer network and extract highly classified information, which he then leaked last month.


Edward Snowden

While the US government has only vaguely described him as a systems administrator, his resumé, which has not been made public, but has been described by those who have seen it, tells a different story. The resumé describes a Snowden who transformed himself into a cyber security expert; something the NSA was desperate to recruit. His skills rose from managing computer upgrades to becoming a “cyberstrategist”. This would have given Snowden plenty of access to their computer systems.

“If he’s looking inside U.S. government networks for foreign intrusions, he might have very broad access,” explains James A. Lewis, security expert for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “The hacker got into the storeroom.”

Via NYTimes

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