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SnappyCam developer SnappyLabs has been acquired by Apple

Apple has confirmed the acquisition of a company that developed a popular photography app for iOS devices.


Most high-end devices today tout their camera performance, and manufacturers certainly try their best to out-do their rivals. Nokia made an entire lineup of camera-focused smartphones, even putting a 41 megapixel camera in one model. Apple’s iOS devices have always been big on photography as well, which shows that the company works quite hard to keep improving its camera offering. SnappyCam was an app that allowed users to take full resolution photos at 20 to 30 frames per second, a feature that’s currently not offered by the native camera app on iOS.

The company has confirmed its acquisition of SnappyLabs, a one man company founded by John Papandriopoulos. He was able to redesign how JPG images are compressed, which allowed the app to shoot burst mode photographs in full resolution, at higher frames per second, even higher than the burst mode baked into iOS 7. As a consequence of the acquisition, SnappyCam is no longer available for download. With Papandriopoulos moving to Apple, it remains to be seen if what he was able to do with the app will be replicated in the native iOS camera app sometime in the future.

While Apple confirmed the acquisition, it did not reveal any financial details. Apparently there was a lot of interest in the market for SnappyLabs, but ultimately it was Cupertino that was able to acquire the company.

Source: Re/code

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