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Snapchat Update Makes Finding Friends More Effortless

After Facebook launched an assault on Snapchat, Snapchat started rolling out updates on a new version of its search, such that it will be easier to start chas. The update, which is rolling out first to a select group of Android users will make the search bar persistent across every screen on the app. It will also offer an easy method of accessing your own profile. All you have to do is tap the Bitmoji version of yourself to go there.

The main use of this new search bar will be to start chats with a friend or a groups of them. This can be done from anywhere in the app. When you start a search, you’ll see a new “quick chat” menu that holds icons representing the friends you hit up the most. What you will also see will be a row of “cards” that displays the friends you talk to most frequently.

After you’ve found the friend you were looking for, you now easily click on the card if you wish to chat with them. If they’ve posted a story meant for the public on that day, it will be displayed in the card, subsequently, you can tap the thumbnail to see it.
The new search feature isn’t just for your friends and well, consumer users, but also for publishers and the public Our Story, which everybody can contribute to. Speaking of which, Our Story is also going to receive an overhaul so that users can post to it at any time and anywhere.

In the past, users had to submit their posts to physical locations like “Singapore”  or to specific topics like “No Donald Trump”. However, users can now easily just add a snap to Our Story and the official content team will surface it as appropriate.


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