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SmartQ T5-II Portable Media Player

First Looks

On the front of the T5-II is the 320 x 240 resolution LCD. The screen is 3-inches supporting a 4:3 screen ratio. It is kinda small by today’s standard but capable enough for daily commuting. It is afterall the same resolution, QVGA (Quarter VGA), of most PDA phones and we stare at mobile phone screen day after day. 

The T5-II looks more like a handheld game console than a PMP because it has a multi-directional pad, 3 function buttons on the right and a built-in speaker. It weighs 100g and measures 112 x 58 x 13mm, wrapped in high quality plastic. On the top side you will find the volume control buttons. The right side has a mini usb port, a hold switch, microphone for the voice recording function, and an audio/video jack. On the bottom edge is the SD card slot and a reset button.

User Interface

The menu and navigation is simple and intuitive to use. It was easy in the beginning and even easier once you are familiar with it. You can even find your way without having to refer to the user manual. Funny enough, there isn’t a paper user manual included. So, that speaks volumes to how easy it is to get used to the menus.

With the firmware and programs running from the SDHC card you simply plug the T5-II to your laptop using the included USB cable. Then all you have to do is drag and drop all the music, video files you want into it because it shows up as a mass storage device in Windows. It plays all the different kinds of music and video file formats available without the need to convert, which is a good thing. The T5-II supports a lot of file formats even some that you hardly hear people using like OGG. The support for FLV and 3GP makes it a nice to have for YouTube watching and also video captured on mobile phones. See the Specification Table for the full list of file types supported.

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