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Smartphone and tablet solutions prices to drop by 10-20% in 2H 2013

G00d news folks, prices for chipsets used in powering tablets and Smartphones might decline between 10-20% in the 2H of 2013 owing to strong competition from rival chip makers. This in turn should drive the retail price of final products down.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

While making a smart device, be it a tablet or a Smartphone or any other, one of the key components is the chipset, the heart of the device (quite literally). Due to increased competition between companies like MediaTek and Qualcomm, prices of chipsets are expected to drop by as much as 10-20% in the 2H of 2013.

Qualcomm is scheduled to host its annual QRD (Qualcomm reference design) forum in Shenzhen on June 20, which is expected to attract participants from China-based branded as well as white-box Smartphone and tablet vendors, the sources noted.

At the annual QRD forum, Qualcomm shows off new designs that hit the market as complete products in the latter half of the year. In this same forum, the company hopes to unveil new solutions that steal away some market from MediaTek, the premier choice of chipset supplier for most of China’s quad-core and cheap dual-core Smartphones.


Qualcomm said earlier that over 40 OEMs have launched more than 200 new Smartphones and tablets in 14 countries recently, mounting increasing pressure on MediaTek, said the sources.

Qualcomm hopes to take advantage of this very situation by ushering in a range of low-cost chipsets for these growing number of new OEMs.

Increased competition is only a good thing, more choices for us consumers and perhaps better prices at the end of the day. If Qualcomm gets it right, it might be in many of new Chinese phones in 2H 2013, and we would get a break from seeing yet another Smartphone with the MediaTek MT6589 quad-core SoC inside.

Source: DigiTimes

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