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‘Smart luggage’ coming soon courtesy of Samsonite and Samsung

Worried about losing your suitcase while travelling? Smart luggage is what you need then. According to a report published by DailyMail, Samsung and Samsonite are working together to launch a new line of smart bags.

These smart bags will be able to notify you about their location via messages sent to your mobile phone. You will also receive alerts on your smartphone whenever someone tries to tamper with your ‘smart bags’. And if you move too far away from your smart bags, you will receive a warning on your smartphone. All this will made possible with a GPS chip inside these bags, similar to the ones used on most smartphones. The ‘smart bags’ will not just make it a lot easier for you find your bags when travelling but also help reduce theft.

Samsonite and Samsung aren’t just working on ‘smart bags’ currently, they are also trying to develop ‘self-propelling’ luggage that will be fitted with an engine so it can follow you around. Current prototype apparently use an engine that weighs around 40 pounds, so there’s a long way to go before ‘self-propelling’ luggage can become a reality.

Source: DailyMail

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