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SLS Walkabout 11th September

Our SLS walkabout once again after going on hiatus for a few weeks! Read on to find out the latest happenings in SLS!

We found Hitachi’s latest 7K100 100GB 7200RPM 2.5” Laptop PATA hard drive at Storage studio.
Priced at $ 399, it’s definitely a premium price, but consider the fact that
one can only fit a single hard drive into a laptop, it’s actually reasonably
to pay for such a capacity. The 120GB version was also available but was sold
out when we made our rounds around SLS last Saturday.

We spotted the Western Digital 4000KD giant at Storage Studio too. Priced wayyy
over a buck per GB, WD 4000KD features a 16MB Cache, spinning at 7200rpm on
a SATA-II interface.

The 3.5” Hitachi 7K500 SATAII 7200RPM 16MB cache 500GB drive was also available
at Storage Studio. Priced at about $ 650, this is the first Hitachi SATA drive
to be using 16MB cache. Currently the fastest drive in the market, I am sure
many will be aching to know what this drive can do when you have a pair of these
on RAID 0.

This device is excellent for those of you who want to expand your storage capacity.
Normally these devices are popular via a LAN connection but somehow the transfer
rate is usually limited by the LAN bandwidth for NAS. With this device you can
hook up to 5 SATA hard disks and connected via a SCSI interface. SCSI is still
the preferred interface for high-speed data transfer (other than Fibre Optics
which belongs to another genre altogether). A mini operating system is available
in this device and you can partition and do whatever you want with the hard
drive via a LAN connection. Users can set the device to automatically notify
them in times of hard drive failure. It’s priced at about $ 1600 without any
hard drives included.

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