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SLS Walkabout – 19th October 2007

Yet another Sim Lim Square walkabout, featuring some old-new Microsoft stuff, Santa Rosa Meroms and Solid State Drives!

At Fuwell, we spotted some interesting Microsoft Products. first up on the line is the Reclusa keyboard, a joint project with Razer, just like the Habu!

Next up on the line is the Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse. The Sidewinder branding was originally used for Microsoft’s line of gamepads, which is pretty evident why the Sidewinder Mouse is the latest gaming HID in the Microsoft Gaming hardware series. With customizable weights (just like the Logitech G5 😛 ), a LCD display and 2000dpi capabilities incorporated, you might just want to take a look at this mouse for your next HID replacement!

The Wireless Presenter 8000 is a mouse that many PMEBs might want to take a look at; compact enough as a portable mouse and double up as a great tool for presentations.

Microsoft’s latest webcam, the LifeCam VX700.

The Logitech G9 mouse with a shell!

At Chamoxa, we spooted the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, the bigger brother of the Presenter 8000. This comes with a built in Lithium-Ion battery and charges with a snap on dock as seen in the picture below the mouse. Nifty I’d say!

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