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Skype may soon remove typing sounds from calls

A new feature available on Microsoft’s Lync filters out the audio from keys being hit on a keyboard. The feature may soon make its way to Skype.


At a press event in Stockholm, Sweden, Skype announced that they are considering a new feature for the desktop versions of their software that will remove the noise of typing during calls. While the feature isn’t ready for Skype just yet, it is available for Microsoft’s business-focused platform, Lync. David Hands, Program Manager of Skype’s Audio and Video Processing team, demoed the feature through Lync during the press event. It works well and is enabled automatically, which of course eases its use. Hands did say that Skype would benefit from the same feature as Lync, but could not give a time-frame of when it might be implemented.

Microsoft, which is Skype’s parent company, believes the noise-removal feature is more important for enterprise-related software, but with Skype becoming increasingly popular in the business world, it should find a home there as well. It’s worth noting that Google+ Hangouts implemented a similar feature back in April. Google’s solution is rudimentary compared to Microsoft’s however, and works by simply muting the microphone when you type, as opposed to filtering out the specific sounds of keys being hit.


Happiness is a silent keyboard.

The potential overlap of this feature between Lync and Skype is part of a continued strategy by Microsoft to port functionality between consumer- and enterprise-related products.

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