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Skype 2.2 comes to Linux…but only as a beta

One of the toughest things about making the jump to an alternative operating system that is neither Windows nor Mac is that there is no drop-in alternative of popular software applications that WIndows and Mac users always take for granted, and Skype is no exception. After all, while Windows users are already on version 5 of the Skype client, Linux users will have to be content with the recently-released version 2.2 of the client for their internet telephony needs. And a beta too, at that.

Read on for more information about the recently-released beta for Skype 2.2 for the Linux operating system.

Everybody loves to make internet phone calls via Skype, but for Linux users, the ability to do so is often more of a luxury than a tool, and for good reason. After all, most popular software applications available for download today lack a native Linux port, and those that do have Linux ports are usually well behind the Windows and Mac versions. 

Unfortunately for Linux users, Skype is no exception to the rule, and the recently released update to the Linux version of the Skype client is the best proof of that. While Windows and Mac users are happily Skype-ing away on version 5 of the client, Linux users have to contend with a beta of version 2.2 of the Skype client, which was released only just recently.

According to a blog posting made by Marco of Skype's Linux team, the new beta of Skype for Linux brings a new feature known as Skype Access to Linux users. This feature will reportedly allow Linux users to make use of their Skype credits to connect to up to 500,000 paid WiFi networks globally. 

Additional improvements made to the Linux client includes fixes to enhance audio and video quality, along with various distro-specific bugfixes such as PulseAudio issues in Ubuntu and visual corruption when attempting to use Skype under KDE.

It is also worth pointing out that while the various packages offered for download are likely to work for most Linux distributions available today. This is because we have received word that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is not supported out-of-the-box due to the fact that Skype requires GLIBCXX_3.4.9 to run, while the latest version available on RHEL is that of 3.4.8. Last but definitely not least, there is still no native x64 client for RPM-based distributions, although an x64 .deb package is available for Ubuntu and Debian.

More information about the beta's system requirements can be found in the client's release notes.

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