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SKR Technology unveils 32-inch, multi-touch Android-based digital signage display

When it comes to getting Android onto devices which boast display sizes much larger than what one can typically find on a smartphone, the only viable alternative is to go with at least version 3.0 of Google's mobile operating system (Honeycomb) because of its support for large displays, right? Well, not if SKR Technology has got anything to say about it; apparently, the Japanese company has managed to get Android 2.2 working on a 32-inch digital signboard that is reportedly capable of delivering "crisp, fluid movement".

Digital signboards may be great for providing people with dynamic content that is often updated frequently, although the number of such signboards which actually allow for actual user interaction are still few and far between. That being said, if one is going to work on delivering such a signboard that is designed for user interactivity, why not go all out and design one which comes bundled with a variety of bells and whistles, such as support for multitouch gestures? Well, that is exactly what a Japanese company known as SKR Technology has done with the introduction of its prototype multi-touch system that boasts a gigantic 32-inch display.

According to SKR Technology, the prototype digital signboard runs off a regular Android 2.2-powered terminal which is connected via USB to the touch sensors, and HDMI to the display port. And apparently, the device works well enough in that it perfectly replicates the android interface and can also display Full HD video, in spite of the fact that Android 2.2. was never meant to be used on large displays.

SKR Technology also revealed that the product was developed as a response to customer requests for a "large-screen device which has multi-touch functionality as a smartphone", but also features the "crisp, fluid-like movement" that most smartphone users have come to expect for their user interface. The company claims that the second requirement effectively puts Windows 7 out of contention, thus the decision was made to power the system with Google's Android operating system instead.

Last but definitely not least, the Japanese company has confirmed that it plans to introduce more versions of its large-display, multi-touch capable digital signboard for its customers, and that it expects to have 23-inch, 46-inch and wide-screen variants up on offer to its customers in time. However, it failed to mention whether the aforementioned signboards will be powered by the newer and more large display-friendly versions of the Android operating system or not.

“We plan to have our product lineup ready for commercialization by September. Right now we are just showing the module, but of course, the actual product will have a case. We are also considering vertical displays, which smartphones are also capable of. We intend to utilize applications that run on Android in our kiosk solutions in the future, not just Windows based solutions as we have done in the past," the company said.

Source: Akihabara News

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