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Skiff and Sprint collaborate to launch Skiff e-Reader

Skiff E-reader

Ebook readers are getting very popular that Skiff and Sprint have collaborated and come up with the Skiff e-Reader. The reader not only supports e-books, but also magazines and newspapers. But most notably, it has a huge 11.5-inch display with 1200×1600 (UXGA) resolution.

The newly-formed Skiff has teamed up with Sprint to release a large format e-reader that is designed to support not just e-books, but also magazines and newspapers with their original designs intact. The two companies plan to demo the device at the CES 2010 show in Las Vegas later this week, but released product details and photos of the device on Monday.

First of all, its 11.5-inch display is larger than any other device on the market, and its 1200×1600 pixels (UXGA) resolution is also well above smaller devices like the Nook and Kindle. Likewise, the device apparently supports a touch-sensitive screen, like the Sony Reader Touch Edition.

The Skiff will come with a built-in 3G modem that works with Sprint’s wireless network. The Skiff-Sprint partnership also extends to the retail environment; the device will be sold at more than 1,000 retail locations later this year.

Skiff is a spinoff of the Hearst Corporation, which sees the need to transition its print titles to digital formats. Content for the Skiff will be available from the Skiff service and digital store. According to company statements, the Skiff service will feature “a comprehensive selection of newspapers, magazines, books and other content from multiple publishers, uniquely optimized for wireless delivery to devices and delivery via the Web.” There is no word on whether the Skiff will support alternative stores, like those offered Barnes and Noble.

The big question of price remains unaddressed. The Nook and Kindle both sell for US$259, and they feature significantly smaller screens. The Kindle DX has a 9.7-inch screen and it costs almost US$500. Although it is doubtful the company will reveal the price for Skiff this week at CES, the question will surely be asked.

Source: PC World

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