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Sketchy report brings forth HTC One M8 Plus and Advance versions with Quad HD screens

Just when we thought we had HTC’s product roadmap for the second half of 2014 all figured out, new gossip enters the equation, suggesting a metal-clad One M8 “Plus” and plastic-made M8 “Advance” are in the works.


One M8, One mini 2, then M8 Ace and One M8 Prime. Sounded like a solid plan for HTC, but the Taiwanese may go a little nuts with their brand dilution if fresh speculation pans out. According to “sources familiar with HTC’s plans”, as quoted by 9To5Google, the M8 Prime could ultimately be dubbed M8 Plus and the Ace might not be the only plastic flagship imminent.

Let’s elaborate, because I feel a headache coming. Apparently, the current spearhead’s Plus variation, aka Prime, will indeed take things to the next level hardware-wise, thanks to a Quad HD display of unknown size, quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and 3 GB RAM.

Also, an all-aluminum, water-resistant (!) chassis and, in an unexpected twist, a single 13 megapixel rear camera to replace the Duo Ultrapixel setup of the standard M8. Something smells fishy, you say? I agree, since the slightly more reliable evleaks recently hinted at an “exotic” build for this bad boy, plus dual cams slapped to its rear.

HTC One M8

Clearly, someone’s wires got crossed, or someone’s lying. Even harder to believe, an M8 Advance is allegedly in the pipeline in addition to the M8 Ace. Both are said to rock polycarbonate exteriors, but the Advance may be targeted specifically at Asian markets and, get this, incorporate all of M8 Plus’ top-notch features into a plastic shelter.

Quad HD screen resolution, Snapdragon 805 power, 3 GB RAM and plastic? That’s crazy. Not impossible, mind you, but extremely implausible. Assuming the scoop is legit, the Plus and Advance shall break cover in late August or early September, at which point the Ace and a Butterfly 2 should also be around. That headache is only getting worse.

Source: 9To5Google

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