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“Six Strikes” against pirate downloaders to start Monday

From the early days of the Internet until now, the act of downloading of pirated software, movies, music, and television shows has been something that just about everyone has done at some point or another. This doesn't mean that it is right, but at the same time the response from governments and companies has been less than logical and this newest attempt in the US is no different.

Just as we have been downloading pirated entertainment and software from the Internet since the very beginning, so to have governments and entertainment lobby groups done whatever they can to stop us from doing that. This has led to some really heavy-handed actions by entertainment trade groups like the MPAA and RIAA; and has seen everything from single mother's on social assistance being sued to grandmothers, who wouldn't know a BitTorrent client if it jumped up and slapped them, being arrested and facing lawsuits.

Of course the success of these types of actions has been less than stellar, to say the least, but that isn't stopping these trade groups from continuing with mind-numbingly stupid ideas in order to try instill fear into consumers.

Their most recent attempt was the idea of following France's example of the three strikes and you lose your Internet connection for good law.  Some of these anti-piracy groups are teaming up with five U.S. Internet service providers to announce their own six strikes pseudo-law meant to punish those nasty BitTorrent downloading pirates.

The partners in idiocy launched a new site, Center for Copyright Information (CCI), dedicated to the re-education of offenders, and proposing a system which would allow them to identify Internet account holders that are using their connections to commit copyright infringement.  In the system, after six offenses have been logged against an IP address the ISPs would be able to impose a variety of repressive actions.

Initially, this system was set to launch back at the end of 2011, but for reason still not known it didn't happen.  However, the team at TorrentFreak has it, on good authority, that the six strikes system will finally be launched by early next week. After this point, people who receive these copyright infringement notices will be directed to the newly re-launched CCI site where they will learn the error of their ways.

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