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SiSR659 4 Channel RDRAM Chipset

SiS and Rambus announced the availability of the SiSR659 chipset, targeted at high-performance computing and multimedia gaming markets. In addition to providing the highest memory performance, the SiSR659 chipset is also the first PC chipset to incorporate a dynamic look-ahead buffer and adaptive page management to significantly improve memory access speed. For performance across a wide range of applications, the SiSR659 chipset supports Pentium® 4 processors with 800MHz front side bus, and features a low-latency architecture with Advanced HyperStreaming™ Engine (AHSE) technology. Available for mass production, the SiSR659 chipset drives four channels of 1200MHz RDRAM memory resulting in 9.6GByte/sec of memory bandwidth. The SiSR659 chipset achieves unmatched performance using standard commodity RIMM modules available today and already supported by the industry. This latest RDRAM solution pairs the SiSR659 with the SiS964 south bridge, which integrates USB 2.0 with up to eight ports and Serial ATA features.

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