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Siri wants to learn how to pronounce your name properly in iOS 7

If you’re one of those individuals with unique names that can be hard for people to announce let alone any form of artificial intelligence then you might find some solace in iOS 7 with Siri. It’s trying its best not to disappoint you in that regard.


What you’re seeing in the image above that has been shared by 9to5Mac is Siri trying its best to learn how to say a name properly.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a name that can be easily pronounced by anybody or anything in this case. I’m sure many in those situations would agree that it is something that be a little bit frustrating to have to constantly correct people or just live with hearing it wrong.

Siri feels your pain and in iOS 7 will do its best to pronounce your name as best it can. It will ask for help on how to pronounce something when it needs to, as well, you can state your displeasure with a pronunciation to initiate the learning process. What you’ll do is say it the way you want it to be pronounced and then Siri will provide you with options where the hope is that one of which will suit what you were looking for.

This is one of many features that weren’t announced directly by Apple on stage at WWDC that I’m sure people will find welcoming. Stay tuned as users continue to discover other notable and useful features hidden within the new operating system.

Source: 9to5Mac

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