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Siri may start playing nice with third-party apps in the future

One of the major reasons behind this could be the possibility that Siri might be used as the primary input method for the much rumored iWatch.


Launched back in October 2011, Siri has been a staple on the iPhone since then and has also made its way to other iOS devices. Its feature set is quite limited; developers can’t tap into it so the virtual assistant is essentially capable of doing only what Apple allows it to do.

However, due to screen real estate limitations on the iWatch, Siri could play a major role as the primary input method, but it would need to play nice with third-party apps in order for the integration to work. There are a lot of things that Siri can’t do, despite the fact that it has greatly been improved since it was first released back in 2011. It can’t make hotel reservations or book car rentals, its can’t even use a messaging app other than the native Messages app to sent a text. Opening it up to third-party app integration would allow Siri to do all these things, the possibilities will be limitless.

Moreover, it will be easier for developers to tap into Siri, easier than it is right now. Apple currently offers integration to a handful of partners like Wolfram Alpha and OpenTable, and that is as a result of direct deals between the two companies. This obviously limits the pace at which third-party functionalities can be added to the virtual assistant. Eliminating the need for direct deals would mean that developers of all sizes will be able to harness the power of Siri and in turn increase its feature set.

Even if the new and improved Siri isn’t destined for the iWatch, the improvement will certainly be well received by millions of iOS users who rely on Siri to get through the day. As far as the iWatch is concerned, there may be a ton of rumors about this smartwatch, but so far Apple hasn’t laid out its wearable plans, so all rumors related to the device must be taken with a grain of salt.

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