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SingTel unveils technological goodies for the Youth Olympic Games

You may be scratching your heads now, wondering just what a sports-related event have in common with any of us over at VR-Zone. Here’s a clue: its not the sports we are interested in at all, but the technology behind the Youth Olympic games.

What do we mean? Read on to find out more.

If the Youth Olympic Games were a video game, the technology behind the Games would undoubtedly be the game engine supporting all the action that is slated to take place on home soil in a couple of months. And what a game engine it would be.

Developed by SingTel specially for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games that would take place in Augest this year, the local telco company unveiled some of its new multimedia services in a media event at the National Sailing Centre on 23 June, which it believes would be instrumental in connecting the people and entertaining them with better viewing experiences”.

As most of the services were still under development, not much detail is known about them, but three of the services were completed enough to showcased for demonstration at the National Sailing Centre yesterday, namely, the Youth Olympic Games microsite, the 3D interactive map and the WhyOhGee chat, which we will be touching on in the upcoming pages.

First up, the microsite for the Youth Olympic Games!

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