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SingTel To Be Exclusive Carrier for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Having said that much, you must be curious about what services SingTel has in store for customers of the Samsung Tab. Hold on to your horses while we bring you the lowdown on the services and support you can expect from the local telco.

De!ite and exCite TV

A completely new app designed by SingTel and supported by various publications, De!lit claims to be able to completely change the way people read and interact with e-books.
VR-Zone spoke with Lynette Lee, Assistant Principal of SingTel Ideas Factory, who revealed that De!ite was more than just an e-book reader. Rather, it serves as a means of interacting with rich content embedded within electronic publications.
“De!ite is not just about simply allowing you to get a digitized copy of popular publications and read it like a print title on the Galaxy Tab. With this app, you can interact with the content, such as making notes on it, copying out sections of text and sending those sections to a friend of yours,” she said.
She also explained how De!ite can greatly enhance the reading experience by allowing rich content such as videos and music to be embedded in publications.
Also announced for the Galaxy Tab was SingTel’s new exCite Video service, which is a specially-made port of its existing exCite TV service for the new breed of Mobile Multimedia Devices or MMDs. 
“exCite Video has been specially optimized for the larger screen sizes found on MMDs, of which the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first of such devices. This service will enhance the video-playback capability of MMDs by taking advantage of their larger screens,” said Yuen.

In addition to the two new services announced by SingTel, the telecommunications company also unveiled a wide range of accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which includes cases, a dockable keyboard, a desktop dock and a set of TV-out cables.
Pricing and Availability
While no official pricing for the Galaxy Tab has been revealed by either SingTel or Samsung, the former has released a set of price plans that customers can subscribe to in order to purchase the device.
Price Plans  3G Flexi Lite  3G Flexi  3G Flexi Plus 
 Monthly Subscription  S$39.90 S$56.00  S$95.00 
 Free Local Data   12GB 
 Free Local Outgoing Calls (anytime)  100 mins 200 mins  500 mins 
 Free Local SMS   500 
 Free Value-Added Services    Caller-ID, AutoRoam, VoiceMail, Multi-Party Conference Call, Overseas Missed Call Alert, SMS Plus
 Free AMPed    Unlimited song downloads with no data charges

In addition, SingTel has also announced that the Galaxy Tab is also available with a range of home and mobile broadband plans, which include a home wireless modem.

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